Acquatic Baking Lacquers:

AGATEEN® Water Reducible Bake Lacquers are available in Alkyd, Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyester. These enamels can be textured or smooth. The Architectural Aluminum Manufacturing Association (AMAA) approves the acrylic for use on exterior extrusions. It exceeds their requirement of 1000 hour salt spray and humidity resistance as well as one year South Florida out-door exposure.

Major manufacturers of hardware and locks as well as cosmetic closures (perfume, lipstick, cold cream, etc) use this lacquer. Replaces the previously used solvent base lacquers giving these industries EPA compliance. Meets all specifications for Builders Hardware and Cosmetic Industry Product Compatibility. Many other uses as well, shelving, shopping carts, lighting fixtures, brass beds etc. Achieves 4-6H pencil hardness.

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